Born in South Africa in 1982, Shaun McPherson`s life got off to a rocky start. A disruptive home life and learning difficulties left Shaun struggling at school and by the time he was 15 he had been excluded from 3 schools and was heading down a self destructive path. Taken into care by his retired grandparents at this time, Shaun`s life was not looking bright but he was then mentored by his grandfather who was an engineer and a mixed media artist. This is where the art seed was unconsciously planted.
Shaun learned to weld at age 17 as a way of getting him out of the bad situation he was in but he had no idea he had any artistic flare at the time.  He did however fall in love with the art of welding and because of his troubled past and lack of academic ability the idea of creating anything from raw steel set to ignite a flame deep inside him and from the first gate he made Shaun vowed to one day own his very own steel fabrication company.

At 19 Shaun immigrated to the UK to start a fresh life. Having no formal education Shaun struggled to find work as a welder and found himself working in bars and retail shops. Shaun then persevered to find his way back into the metalwork industry and sent himself to college to do a welding and fabrication diploma where he graded top of his class. This is where life started to turn for Shaun

After 8 years of working in sheet metal and steel fabrication workshops Shaun`s life got dealt another curve ball. The 2008 recession left him with very little work and a bleak outlook of the future. With a small family he was determined he was not going to be beaten and started making small steel figurines out of scrap steel as a way to challenge his boredom. This quickly grew as Shaun noticed a unique skill in breathing life and essence into the steel figurines he was creating and a unique talent in designing practical garden sculptures.

In 2010 Shaun could not take the troubled environment at work so quit full time employment to pursue his dream of creating a metal fabrication company and with the help of the Prince`s Trust in April 2011 Shaun set up Elite Pond Covers, an award winning enterprise specialising in artistically designed pond covers made to protect children and wildlife and also unique garden sculptures and creative wrought iron work. In 2013 Shaun was a runner up in the Prince`s Trust Business Enterprise Award and in December 2012 Shaun became a Young Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust where he would volunteer his time to do public speaking events to raise vital awareness for the work that the Trust does and also to try to inspire troubled young people with a similar past to himself. In March 2014 Shaun won the prestigious Young Ambassador of the year award which was presented by HRH The Prince Of Wales. Shaun managed this along with growing his pond cover brand and learning and growing as a steel sculptor. CLICK HERE for a video made for the awards.

Meeting HRH Prince Charles

In November Shaun was commissioned to create a life size Show jumping horse sculpture.

Shaun`s three dimensional commissions include dragonflies, frogs, koi and spiders and has recently installed his first large life size sculpture, a show jumping horse for a large private garden in Berkshire. His works also include various types of two dimensional wall sculptures